Help Women in Sierra Leone Combat Breast Cancer


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Help women diagnosed with breast cancer in Sierra Leone get the care and medical attention they need.

Breast cancer is a leading cause of death for women in Sierra Leone. Because of the stigma associated with cancer, many women are reluctant to seek help. And sadly, many women cannot afford treatment once they have been diagnosed.

GreaterGood.or partners with Develop Africa and Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Foundation to provide support, financial assistance and advocacy for breast cancer patients. Foundation staff work closely with health professionals to insure that patients receive the best care possible. The foundation was created to assist patients through the course of the journey - from diagnosis to post-care, because no one should fight this battle alone.

You can help. Just $5 helps support a breast cancer patient in Sierra Leone.

Report from the Field

October 2018: 
Listen as Fatu brings tears to everyone’s eyes as she describes
what it’s like to have battled breast cancer in a country with zero oncologists since she was 17. We just received a striking story of Fatu, one of the women who is currently being supported because of's donors like you. In the BBC audio clip BELOW, Fatu's story clearly outlines how misbeliefs surrounding breast cancer can lead to devastating outcomes and how support from donors LIKE YOU can have life altering affects.

Develop Africa is a 501c3 non-profit organization working to establish meaningful and sustainable development in Africa. Develop Africa was birthed out of the vision that human resource development is the key to improving nation-building capacity in Africa.  
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